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5 reasons to give a Sbri Coin Purse for your best friend's birthday

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Picture the scene: it’s your best friend’s birthday next week, you had every intention of finding a thoughtful gift to blow her socks off but you’ve been so caught up in the busyness of life lately that time has somehow caught up with you and now you’re in present-panic-mode.The days are running out, the birthday deadline is looming and to top it off, she got you such a perfect gift for your last birthday that you don’t know how you’re ever going to return the gesture. Sound familiar? Fear not friends, we have the solution. Enter Sbri Coin Purses.

You know that feeling when you come across a gift so perfect for someone that it’s like it was made for them? Wouldn’t it be great if gift shopping could always be that easy? Well, when you shop at Sbri all our gifts are literally made for the person you’re shopping for. Every single Sbri leather accessory is handmade to order and personalised for the recipient right here in our studio in Ringwood, UK, meaning you can tailor a personalised present that’s exactly suited to your friend’s tastes and lifestyle. Plus, we make and dispatch our products the next working day with express delivery available, so no need to worry about that ticking birthday clock.

The full Sbri range of handmade leather gifts includes personalised keyrings, bags, desk, travel and pet accessories (we’ve got a handy quiz here on the blog to help you find the perfect Sbri present in just 5 questions) but the easiest and most popular Sbri gift of them all is our personalised leather coin purses. These clever little leather purses make gift shopping easy-peasy and guarantee a great reaction from the birthday girl. Let us tell you 5 reasons why they’re a great gift to give…

1. You can personalise them with your friend’s name and a birthday message

Who doesn’t love seeing their own name in print? We all remember the excitement of finding a character in a book that shared our name or searching for ourselves on personalised gift shop merchandise stands (not always successfully, it must be said). There’s something special about spotting our own names in the real world, and that’s one of the reasons why personalised gifts make such great presents. 

Every Sbri coin purse can be personalised with your friend’s name (or initials, if you’d prefer) completely free of charge. We carefully select the letter stamps we need then heat them in a traditional stamping press and apply them to our leather purses with gorgeous gold foil. To make our coin purses even more personal we give you the option to add a customised message printed on the inside of the flap for an additional £5 and we even have purses with extra personalised details on the back too, like our star sign “Luna” Coin Purse, our year date “Anna” Coin Purse and our heart print “Cariad” Coin Purse. Basically, if you’re looking for a birthday gift for your best friend that can be personalised just for them, you’re in the right place with Sbri.

2. It’s a gift your friend will actually want

A lot of the stress around birthday present buying comes from the fear of giving your friend something they will have to politely accept (but secretly hate). Even though we would never ever want to seem ungrateful, it’s happened to the best of us. We want to show our loved ones how well we know them and their tastes with a gift that’s perfect for them, but sometimes we get it wrong, even with the best of intentions. That slightly uncomfortable face as your friend unwraps and then discreetly puts aside their birthday present, murmuring  “ahh, thank you, that’s…nice”, jumps out of your memory when you’re shopping for them the following year and mounts on the pressure to get it right this time around.

If you ask us, the best gifts are those that are both practical and desirable - something they’ll find useful and actually want to use (after all, an extension cable is practical but that doesn’t make it the best birthday gift). Sbri coin purses not only look great but they are super useful too. They hold your essential cards and coins and are slim enough to tuck in your smallest bag or pocket on a night out or on days when you want to travel light. Our coin purses are the birthday gift that ticks all the boxes.

3.They’re the luxury quality your friend deserves (for a price that won’t blow the budget)

Your bestie deserves the world and although you can’t necessarily give them the whole world, you want to treat them to something that lets them know that you think they’re really special. A little luxury gift that reflects how great they are. Our coin purses are made from luxury quality, sustainably sourced leather - the same kind that’s used by some of the top high-end designers. We use high quality materials to make accessories that will last and age beautifully, and most importantly feel really great. When you unwrap a Sbri coin purse you can tell by holding it, touching it, smelling it that it’s a little piece of luxury - the kind your friend deserves.

At Sbri we sell direct-to-consumer, which basically means that we cut out the middleman by making our accessories ourselves and sending them straight to you. Because we do this it means we can cut out the huge markup that many high-end retailers add to their products and make luxury quality more accessible to our customers. Did you know that luxury leather accessories are often sold for eight times what they actually cost to make? Our Fair Pricing policy means that you can treat your bestie to a luxury quality leather accessory that won’t break the bank. Pretty good, right?

4. We have over 30 styles so you can express their personality

Let’s talk designs. Another reason Sbri coin purses make a great gift for your best friend is because you have plenty of colour and print options to choose from, tailoring the gift to match their vibe. At Sbri we want our products to be an extension of their owner’s personality, a pocket-sized reflection of their personal style so they can always carry something that feels like them, even on days that call for more muted dressing. That’s why we have over 30 different coin purse styles available, ranging from pastel blush pink, mint and lilac, bright and bold fuchsia, sky blue and orange, and more toned-down burgundy, forest green, tan brown and classic black. We’ve also got a variety of animal prints (we’re big on leopard, tiger and zebra stripes), florals, ginghams and more. And you know what they say: if the gift fits, buy it in every colour. With over 30 styles to choose from, we think we’ve just sorted all your future gift shopping for the foreseeable.

5. You’re supporting a small business (and some really nice people)

And finally, choosing a gift for your best friend from somewhere like Sbri means you’re supporting a small business while you shop, which is a pretty great added bonus. Rather than a faceless corporation you get to support a small team of lovely people who really care about what they do. As well as finding some beautiful, unique gifts you wouldn’t be able to get anywhere else, shopping small on gifting occasions supports the local economy, leaves you feeling more valued and ultimately your pounds make a bigger impact. You can read more about reasons to shop small here.

Plus, choosing to give a gift from your favourite small business (like Sbri!) helps to share the word about their work with the people you love…and hopefully your friend will get to find their new favourite place to shop too.