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Caring for your Sbri Products

How to care for vegetable tanned leather

All our Sbri products are made from sustainably sourced British vegetable tanned leather, because we think it’s the best and you deserve the best. Our leather is natural, ages beautifully and develops a patina over time – taking on life with you, with the beauty spots to show for it. You can learn more about patina here.

Personally, we love the way patina looks. It’s a sign of the highest quality and is associated with traditional leatherwork (as we always say, old school is cool) but we know it’s not everyone’s preference. We don’t have the magic to stop time but we can tell you how to preserve your leather bag or purse, how to prevent the leather colour from changing and how to protect it from marks and water.

Our secret weapon is Collonil Leather Gel.


What is Collonil Leather Gel and how do I use it?

Collonil Leather Gel is a protective gel which doesn’t affect the leather’s finish, colour or leave a shine. It helps to preserve the natural colour against patina forming and provides a waterproof coating for rainy days. It can also help to remove dirt marks from your Sbri pieces; the natural oils in the gel soften the leather and bring dirt to the surface so it can be easily wiped away. Hey presto.

To use, simply apply a small amount of Collonil gel to the surface of the leather with a cloth or sponge, allow to dry then gently massage, buffing the gel into the leather with a clean cloth. Simple as that.

Do I need to treat all my Sbri products?

Nope! Treating the leather with protective gel definitely isn’t essential, we love the aged look but this is an alternative option in case you prefer to keep things looking good as new. Patina only really impacts natural, undyed leather like the one we use for our leopard print Emily collection, spotty Dorothy and floral Florence. Our darker options and bright colours won’t change colour with age but treating them with Collonil will protect them from dirt and water marks if that’s something you’re worried about.


Any questions? Let us know. Our leather team will be more than happy to A your Qs.