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What’s more fun than the word fun? The Welsh equivalent: Sbri. Say it as your 7 year old self that just heard the jingle of the ice cream van. Our founder Emily Carr is fluent in it. (Welsh and fun, if you’re wondering. Husband and co-founder Tony has fun in just one language at this stage.)

What we do

We’re a made to order leather accessories brand that’s all about celebrating the extra things in life. The little things that make it better, like feeling the warm sun on your face, whipped cream and sprinkles on just about anything. Lovingly handcrafted pieces made from sustainably sourced, premium quality British leather, personalised by and for you. All the good stuff.

Handmade in our workshop in New Forest, UK, our contemporary designs are created using traditional techniques to help you mark and celebrate life’s moments - big, small or simply because. 

Because nice things shouldn’t just be for special occasions, we sell direct-to-consumer. Cutting out all the stuff in between means you get the same great quality you expect and deserve, and spend less; leaving you more coin to actually keep in the purse or pieces you buy from us. (It’s that little bit extra we keep talking about.)

How we do it

Working with natural materials means each piece we make is completely unique. We hand-draw our designs in house, then carefully print them onto beautiful British leather.

And because we’re made to order, it’s up to you to add the finishing touches. Select the design, choose the initials, maybe write a secret message on the inside if you like, and we’ll set about making. With care but with speed too, so you can get your pieces sooner and enjoy them for longer. An object of love with as much character as the person who owns it.

That’s the only mark you’ll leave too. Our vegetable tanned leather is sustainably sourced from within the UK and prepared using traditional methods which have minimal impact on the environment. Because we believe the only thing that should be left behind is great memories. 

As we make everything in-house, we have full control over our production methods, our waste and the quality of our products. (Whether we have cake for breakfast, too). And in 2020 we’re continuing to work towards our goal of becoming a completely carbon neutral company. 

Because we’re here for a good time and a long time. For a life with more leopard print. More joy. More Sbri.