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A little bit of fun to take wherever you go, because your keys deserve better. Handmade by us from sustainably sourced leather, personalised with your name or initials. Choose your style, your colour and we'll do the rest - make every day a bit more Sbri.

  • Personalised Leather Keyring Personalised Leather Keyring
  • Personalised 'Any Message' Leather Keyring sbri Personalised 'Any Message' Leather Keyring
  • "Emily" Keyring "Emily" Keyring sbri
  • Six colour options available.

  • "Emily" Tassel Keyring "Emily" Tassel Keyring sbri
  • Personalised Leather Tassel Keyring Personalised Leather Tassel Keyring sbri
  • "Luna" Keyring sbri "Luna" Keyring sbri
  • British made sustainable leather accessories.

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  • Sbri x Elizabeth Rachael - Keyring sbri Sbri x Elizabeth Rachael - Keyring sbri
  • bright pink leather keyring printed with the year 1991, held in hand - by Sbri pair of bright pink leather keyrings by Sbri, personalised with initials and the year 1991
  • Bridesmaid Keyring sbri Bridesmaid Keyring sbri
  • "Mama" Keyring sbri "Mama" Keyring sbri
  • Positive Affirmation Personalised Keyring sbri Positive Affirmation Personalised Keyring sbri
  • Keyring - Leopard Blooms Collection Keyring - Leopard Blooms Collection
  • "Daddy" Keyring sbri "Daddy" Keyring sbri
  • Keyring - Carnival Collection Keyring - Carnival Collection

Each and every one of our personalised leather keyrings is handmade from sustainably sourced, premium quality British leather here in our workshop in the New Forest, UK. We cut, print, foil, stamp and fold the leather, secure with a solid brass stud and personalise with your initials to put your stamp on it. See, when we say made for you, we mean it.

We’ve designed our personalised leather keyrings to make your day that bit more fun – a helping of joy to take wherever you go: a makeover for your house keys, car keys, the key to your heart. A keyring that’s a little bit more you. That’s why we have a selection of personalised leather keyrings to suit every personality: leopard print keyrings for the wild at heart, keyrings for your favourite person stamped with ‘you are my fave’, leather tassel keyrings with personalised oak beads, ready to shake. All available in mint green, blush pink, classic black or tan brown leather.

Our personalised leather keyrings are the answer to your gift buying dilemmas – the perfect present for your best friend’s birthday, your office Secret Santa (if you really like them), your girlfriend for her new flat keys when you move in together at last. Fit it in a Christmas stocking or hidden in a parcel. Save when you buy our personalised tassel keyring in a gift set with matching leather coin purse – they’re better together.

All of our personalised leather keyrings are available with free UK delivery for orders over £30 or next day express delivery if you just can’t wait. We also ship internationally with worldwide delivery options, because everyone deserves a bit of Sbri, wherever they are.