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Christmas Gift Finder Quiz - find the perfect present in just 5 questions

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It’s that time of year again: it’s getting dark at 4pm, there’s a waft of gingerbread syrup in the air, and the office Secret Santa is upon us once more. We love the Christmas season in the Sbri Studio (give us the sparkles, the food, the twinkly lights…) but we know present buying can be hard going, especially when inspiration has run dry and it feels like last Christmas was only a few months ago, surely.

So if you need to find a gift for someone you don’t know that well, or you’re struggling to find the perfect present for someone you do, let us help solve your Christmas shopping dilemmas. Take our gift finder quiz and find them the perfect personalised present from Sbri in just 5 easy questions…


Their ideal midweek evening would be…

A - After work drinks with friends

B - A long run with a great playlist

C - Curled up with a book and a blanket

D - Hanging out with their pup

How would you like to personalise their gift?

A - Lots of options, the more personal the better

B - Some cute personalised packaging would be great

C - I think they’d like some subtle initials

D - They’d like a practical gift first and foremost - personalisation is a bonus!

When they’re packing for a holiday…

A - They like to travel light and keep it concise

B - Gadgets go in first, everything else second

C - Their suitcase is usually weighed down by whatever they’re reading

D - More time is spent tidying the house for the pet sitter than packing their bags

Which app are they scrolling the most?

A - Something like Depop, they’re always searching for new party pieces

B - 50/50 split between podcasts and Spotify

C - #BookTok is their happy place

D - Instagram - they’re a full time social media manager for their dog’s account

How do they feel about colours and patterns?

A - Animal print is their vibe, leopard’s definitely their neutral

B - The brighter the better, they’re big on colour

C - They usually go for something classic but they’re not opposed to a colour pop
D - They’re all about colour coordination and making things match

Mostly A's? - Personalised Leather Coin Purse

Three leopard print leather coin purses with personalised initials - Sbri


We reckon this person would be fun at a Christmas party. They're the centre of the action, at home on the dance floor surrounded by friends. A free spirit with a great sense of style, here for a good time and a long time.

We think they’d love our coin purses as a Christmas gift. They’re big enough to hold your essential cards and coins but small enough to tuck in your back pocket or tiny handbag, so your oversized wallet can take the night off. Made for days out, nights out, flights out. Our coin purses can be personalised on the front with a name or initials, plus a secret message printed inside.

We have over 30 coin purse designs available in a range of bright colours and animal prints, so there’s something to suit even the trickiest customer.

Shop Coin Purses

Mostly B's? - Personalised Leather AirPod Case

Orange leather airpod case with personalised initials - Sbri


It sounds like they’re the kind of person who has their life constantly sound tracked, with a playlist prepared for every occasion. They’re always on the go and like to express themselves through the colours they wear and the music they love.

We think they’d love our leather AirPod case for Christmas. Made for life on the move, our clever little cases hold your AirPods tight so they’re always close by, ready for when you want to plug in, volume up high. Sbri leather AirPod cases are available in eight different colours, they can be personalised with initials and are suitable for all AirPod and AirPod Pro models.

We’ve also got personalised leather cable tidies to keep wired-headphones tangle free if your mate isn’t an Apple-aficionado.

Shop AirPod Cases

Mostly C's? - Personalised Leather Bookmark

Group picture of colourful leather bookmarks with personalised initials - Sbri


This person is giving us cosy vibes; they want to spend their winter evenings with a cuppa, a candle and a paperback. They can get lost in stories for hours on end and they always choose to read the book before the film.

Our personalised leather bookmarks would be perfect for this person – a pretty and practical present that does the job of marking their reading place much better than that old bus ticket  they’ve been using. Sbri leather bookmarks make a great little stocking filler gift or Secret Santa for the bookworm in your life.

The bookmarks are available in all our most popular leather colours and can be personalised with the recipient’s name or initials. Choose from a rectangular or corner bookmark styles.

Shop Bookmarks

Mostly D's? - Personalised Leather Dog Walk Pouches

Matching orange leather dog treat pouch and poop bag holder - personalised - Sbri


Does this person like pets more than people? We thought so. They’re keen to get outdoors and are always ready for an adventure, but only if their pup can come too. The two of them come as a package so win their affection this Christmas by choosing a gift they can both enjoy.

Our personalised leather dog walking accessories would make a great present for this person - choose from personalised leather treat pouches or dog poop bag holders (or both, if you fancy the bundle!), made to carry all the dog walk essentials in style. With 10 different leathers to choose from, picking a colour is the hardest part.

Our full collection of pet accessories includes custom-made leather colours and matching luxury leather or rope dog leads. Officially pooch approved.

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