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Fair Pricing

Let’s talk about price baby, let’s talk about you and Sbri...

We’re a leather accessories brand that’s all about celebrating the little things that lift your day – like warm sun on your face, extra cream in your coffee, or that happy little buzz you get when you know you’ve made a good shopping choice - when you’ve uncovered a diamond you can actually afford (okay, maybe not a real diamond, but you get our gist…)

It feels good, right?

In the Sbri studio we are all about sustainable sourcing, responsible manufacturing and luxury quality, but we also think this should be available at an accessible price. Wild statement coming up here: we don’t think your purse needs to cost more than you can hold in it.

(See, we said it was wild!)

Putting the coin back in your coin purse

So often with leather items you’re stuck with a choice between cheap mass-produced fast fashion or luxury designer brands with eye-watering price tags attached. We are here to bridge the gap: there’s high street, there’s high end, then there’s Sbri.

We use the same high quality materials as many of the designer brands (literally the same, you can ask our supplier), we have the same tools in our workshop, and our leathercraft team are trained in exactly the same way. But we do it at a fraction of the price. How? Because we sell directly to you.

Luxury leather accessories are often sold for up to eight times what they actually cost to make, sometimes more. (Yep, really). This markup covers middlemen, storefront overheads, expensive ad campaigns and celebrity marketing. But we skip that bit, because we don’t need it and neither do you.

And because we make our products to order you’re not being charged extra inventory costs either. You only pay for the piece you want, not a stockroom full of other options.

The extras you actually want

See, when we talked about those little extras you get when you shop with us, we didn’t mean mark-up, middlemen or marketing, we meant things like complimentary personalisation, free UK delivery, and that made-for-me feeling. The extras you want, not the ones you don’t need.

By selling direct-to-consumer we cut out all the steps in between, so you only pay for what lands through your letterbox: a handcrafted, personalised leather accessory (or two), made for you from sustainably sourced materials. 

Shopping with Sbri means you get the same quality with a different approach and most importantly, a different price – leaving you with more to fill your new purse with (or wallet, or bag, or pouch…you get it).