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All you need to know about the Sbri Sample Sale

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Back in January we held our first ever Sbri sample sale - a one-off event where we sold all our design samples and photo shoot example products to our Instagram followers for a whopping 50% off. We didn't know how it would go down or whether our customers would be interested in taking part but, fortunately for us, it was a great success and you guys loved it. So much so that we've decided to do the whole thing again.

The next Sbri Sample Sale will take place on Thursday 25th August from 11am. We've been saving up purses, bags, keyrings and more, all from our photoshoots, product trials and production mishaps (like when we've accidentally made an item in the wrong colour or stamped the initials in the wrong order - oops!), and all items will be available at 50% off the usual Sbri price.

Most items have already been personalised with a range of names and initials so hopefully you’ll be able to spot something made for you, but there are a selection of non-personalised products and generic names too. Everything in our sample sale is of the same luxury quality you would usually expect from Sbri but some items may have very minor defects, misprints or incorrect branding.⁠ We will make this clear in the photographs shown. 

A collection of colourful Sbri leather coin purses and accessories

So, how does the Sbri Sample Sale work?

All items will be posted on our Instagram Stories (we’re @sbri_studio) from 11am on Thursday 25th August 2022. Tap through to see what’s on offer (there are over 150 items available!) - we’ll organise them by product type and each slide will be labelled with an item number, the personalisation and price to help you scan through easily.⁠

Example of a Sbri Sample Sale product listing

To claim an item simply reply to the Story with the item number and your email address. We’ll be operating on a first come, first served basis so if there’s something you fancy you need to be quick! Don’t forget - item number, email address. That’s all we need.⁠

Once an item has been claimed we will delete the Story slide and we’ll send you an invoice to pay via email. The email will take you to a secure payment page on our website where you can complete your purchase as normal. We will hold items for up to 7 days, so you have a week to make payment.⁠

And it’s as simple as that! – find your item, send a DM with the item number and your email address to claim, then make payment via your invoice link. After that you can sit back, enjoy the bank holiday weekend and wait for your Sbri goodies to arrive. Luxury personalised leatherware, even sweeter with 50% off.

Sample Sale FAQs

What’s in the sale?

We have over 150 Sbri items in the sale this time around, including LOTS of coin purses, keyrings, pet accessories and even a few Sbri bags. Most items are already personalised but there are a few plain/generic items too.

How much will sale items cost?

All items will be at least 50% off the usual Sbri price (and a few have an even bigger discount!). We will label each item with the sale price so you’ll know what you’re spending before you claim.

When is the sale?

It’s on Thursday 25th August from 11am onwards. You can sign up to our mailing list to get a reminder email when the sale is about to start.

Can I buy more than one item?

You certainly can! Just reply to the story slide with the item number and email address for as many items as you fancy and we’ll send you a final invoice for all successfully claimed items so you can pay in one go. Remember, items are on a first come, first served basis so we can’t guarantee you’ll get everything you’re interested in.

Can I use a discount code?

As our sample sale is already heavily discounted, Sbri discount codes will not be valid on sample sale items.

Is everything personalised?

Almost everything in the sample sale is personalised but there are a few items that are plain or have generic names like Mummy. We’ve got a real mix of names and initials this time so hopefully you’ll spot something that’s perfect for you! 

Unfortunately we aren’t able to add/change the personalisation on sample sale items.

How do I claim an item?

To claim an item simply reply to the story with the item number and your email address. We’ll be operating on a first come, first served basis so if there’s something you fancy you need to be quick! No need to write us out a lovely long message - something along the lines of “item 26,” will do nicely. Then all you need to do is wait to hear back from us, we’ll soon let you know whether the item is yours for the keeping.

If I claim something will I definitely get it?

Our Sample Sale is very popular so there’s a chance that if you’ve got your eye on something, someone else does too (especially our non-personalised items and our leather handbags). We operate on a first come, first served basis so the quicker you are, the more chance you will have of being successful. We will message you back to let you know either way if you’ve bagged an item but please remember that our DMs get very busy on sale day so it may take us some time to respond.

How do I pay for a sample sale item?

Once you’ve claimed your item we will email you an invoice for your sale goodies. The invoice will direct you to a secure checkout page on our website for you to make payment as normal.

How much is delivery? 

Our usual delivery options will apply in the sale: standard delivery is £1.95 or free for orders over £30 and express delivery is £4.95. We also offer worldwide international delivery options. Shipping is added at the checkout so please note this won’t be shown on your email invoice.

How long is it for?

We will be posting items on our Instagram stories from 11am on Thursday 25th August. There are over 150 items this time around so it will take us a little while to get everything online - please bear with us! We will remove any items from our stories once sold and anything leftover will be saved and available in our highlights page for a week. We expect popular items to go very quickly but chances are there will still be some items to browse if you can’t be online at 11.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes we do, all our usual delivery options will be available at checkout, including international delivery.

Can I reserve items in advance?

Unfortunately we aren’t able to reserve items for you before the sale starts.

Will it be on the website?

No, the Sample Sale will only be held on Instagram.

Can I return a sale item if I change my mind?

Unfortunately all sale items are non-returnable.