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Personalisation Inspiration: message ideas for inside your Sbri Coin Purse

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Personalisation Inspiration: message ideas for inside your Sbri Coin Purse

So you want to buy a coin purse from Sbri but you’re lost for words for what to write inside? First of all, well done - you’ve made an excellent choice. Our personalised coin purses are great for many reasons: they’re handmade in our UK studio from sustainable British leather, they’re the perfect size for your everyday essentials and they’re available in all sorts of fun prints and bright colours. Whoever you’re buying one for (yourself or a friend), they’re already going to love it…and they’ll love it even more when they read the secret message you’ve hidden inside. Second of all - let us help with your message dilemma. We’ve rounded up some personalisation inspiration (rhyme very much intended) from our team and our favourite customer orders to help you choose what you want to say in your coin purse.


Sbri leopard print leather coin purse with message "leopard print is my favourite colour"


Think about who the purse is for or what the occasion is. What are their interests, what will make them smile, what do they need to read every time they open their purse? Make them laugh, say something to uplift them or share an inside joke that would make sense to literally no one else. All Sbri accessories are designed to add a little extra joy to your everyday so make joy the focus, whatever that means to you.

(Psst! Didn’t know about the secret messages? All our coin purses (except the few with animal print spots on the inside) can be personalised with a message of your choice on the inside flap for an extra £5. You can say whatever you like (no judgement here) and we’ll print it straight on the leather so it’s with you always. Pretty cool, right? And now onto the suggestions…)


For the friend who needs uplifting

Give them a boost, a compliment, an affirmation to help them through the day. Remind them that they’re completely amazing. It’s nice to say nice things, we all need to hear them.


Sbri spotty leather coin purse with message "you don't know how lovely you are"
  • When it doubt, dance it out
  • FYI, everybody has a crush on you
  • You deserve good things
  • You don’t know how lovely you are
  • You got this babe
  • Put your positive pants on
  • Hey good lookin’
  • Good things are coming
  • You’re a limited edition
  • You’re some kind of wonderful
  • You do you
  • You’re blooming lovely
  • You’re stronger than you know
  • You make the world a better place just by being in it

For the friend who loves a party

Sbri coin purses are made for nights out, festivals, holidays, cocktail bars…they’re basically the perfect pub purse. Now, a good night doesn’t only come from what’s in your glass but a night out-appropriate message is definitely something we can drink to.


Sbri green leather coin purse with message "if you can read this, you're still sober"
  • Money can’t buy love but it can buy cocktails
  • Make mine a double
  • You’re better than gin
  • If you can read this you’re still sober
  • But first, cocktails
  • Prosecco O’Clock

For the star gazer

Our “Luna” star sign coin purse is always a winner when you’re treating a friend, and we love to go big on the star theme. The "Luna" incorporates midnight blue leather with a starry sky print, personalised initials and a gold foiled zodiac constellation so she's already super personal, and a star-themed message will take it next level. A customer recently chose “You are my shining star” (cute!) and we also love the idea of listing their star sign traits. We’ve saved them here so you don’t have to go searching.


Sbri star sign leather coin purse with message "kind, patient, generous"
  • Aquarius - Adventurous. Positive. Patient.
  • Pisces - Kind. Compassionate. Gentle.
  • Aries- Positive. Lively. Passionate.
  • Taurus - Kind. Patient. Generous.
  • Gemini - Witty. Enthusiastic. Intelligent.
  • Cancer - Creative. Loyal. Loving.
  • Leo - Energetic. Helpful. Honest.
  • Virgo - Reliable. Trusting. Calm.
  • Libra - Romantic. Charming. Thoughtful.
  • Scorpio - Focused. Passionate. Brave.
  • Sagittarius - Energetic. Adventurous. Independent.
  • Capricorn - Practical. Wise. Ambitious.

In the spirit of spending (or saving)

They’re made to carry your cards, coins and notes so a personalised message in keeping with the shopping theme always works a treat. If your pal needs anymore encouragement to spend, a regular reminder to SAVE, or permission to treat themselves once in while, we’ve got some suggestions for you. 


Sbri sky blue leather coin purse with message "buy the shoes"
  • Treat yourself
  • Emergency puppy fund
  • Life is short, buy the dress
  • Manicure fund
  • Nana’s ice cream money
  • You don’t need anymore [shoes/bags/plants]
  • For the small joys in life
  • I want it all
  • Buy the shoes
  • Holiday fund
  • Money doesn’t buy happiness but it does buy books

Cause for Celebration

And sometimes just a reminder of why you’re being treated or who loves ya is all you need. Perfect for birthday milestones, important questions or a love note from me to you, so you can remember the special days everyday.


Sbri orange leather coin purse with message "will you be my bridesmaid?"
  • Will you be my bridesmaid?
  • Happy Birthday, lovely lady!
  • 40 and fabulous, darling
  • Lots of love from...
  • Together for leather, happy 3rd anniversary!
  • Safe travels, have the time of your life


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